Vote For Our Special Needs Soccer Program On Pepsi Refresh!

Vote For Our Special Needs Soccer Program On Pepsi Refresh!

My name is Dan Brotman and it is my desire to launch a National Special Needs Soccer Program…

Soccer is arguably the simplest sport to play, yet it is physically challenging in terms of fitness, with its constant action. For a Special Needs program, this is the perfect combination for individual and team success. However, for a Special Needs Soccer program to triumph, it has to be meticulously crafted by a team of top physical therapists and soccer trainers to create the quintessential curriculum.

I am proposing to bring together a select group of special needs physical therapists who have extensive experience in sport-specific activities and marry them to best-in-class soccer trainers to develop an age-appropriate curriculum. A framework will initially be developed by the assembled experts and then specific training methods will be methodically tested to ascertain which drills work best for particular age groups. The framework will then be enhanced into a beta curriculum based on the findings and be tested for another period with various ages of Special Needs kids. The kids will participate in a Special Needs Soccer league and will be trained in accordance with the beta curriculum. The extensive testing and evaluation of the curriculum will continue to finely tune the program to ensure that each child has a rewarding and memorable soccer experience.

Once the curriculum is standardized, it is my desire to disseminate, free of charge, a complete Special Needs Soccer Package to any soccer club or organized entity so they can start their own world-class program. The idea is to give soccer organizations around the country a comprehensive system so that a Special Needs program and be easily accomplished.

In order to ensure we have the necessary resources to accomplish this historic endeavor, I have begun the fundraising process. One of the venues that I’m currently using is Pepsi Refresh, a wonderful charitable endeavor that has poured millions of dollars into neighborhoods, communities and programs around the country. Please let me know how we can rally our community to Vote for our Special Needs Soccer Program:

Pepsi Refresh is a democratic program that funds ideas based on a Voting paradigm. The more votes we obtain, the better the chance that our Special Needs program gets funded.

Please contact me at your convenience to discuss this National Special Needs Soccer program in depth, and feel free to forward this email to anyone who would support this unique initiative.

Best Regards,

Dan Brotman