How Soccer Coaches Should Watch The World Cup

How Soccer Coaches Should Watch The World Cup

World Cup 2014 Tactical View

Got World Cup 2014 fever? Are you a soccer coach, a trainer or a real fan of the beautiful game? Well, Special Needs Soccer’s founder has discovered the best way for soccer coaches to watch the world cup…and we show you how!

ESPN is now supporting a “tactical view” of all World Cup 2014 games on their WatchESPN app for iOS and Android. The “tactical view” is an “all eleven” view of the field from high up in the “end zone” of the stadium. This view allow the coach, trainer or consummate fan to watch both team’s “shape” or formation, during the course of the game.

The only problem is that this view, 1) does not have instant replays, and 2) does not have color commentators (some would say this is reason enough to watch the tactical view). What you get is the ambient stadium sound and a constant wide-angle view of the field so you can see all the players at the same time. So in order to achieve this optimal viewing experience, you’ll want to “second screen” the tactical view, while at the same time watching the live television broadcast. Now the Tactical Cam is not so easy to find, and you will need some finesse to sync both the tactical, and regular live TV views in order to get the best of both worlds. The good news? It’s not that complicated and we’ll tell you exactly how to do it…

What You’ll Need

» A current cable TV subscription to ESPN
» An Android or Apple iOS device (Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, etc.)
» The WatchESPN app (downloadable from Apple’s iTune’s store or the Android store of your choice)
» A DVR (if you want to second screen the Tactical Cam)
» Recommended: Power Source (we recommend plugging your tablet into an outlet since WatchESPN consumes a lot of power)

How To Do It

First off, download and install WatchESPN on your tablet. We recommend you watch the Tactical Cam from a large device, since it’s a wide-angle shot and the ball can get lost on a smartphone. The app will ask you to sign into your cable provider to obtain access. Do so, and make sure you can view content via the app before you continue.
Second, about 5 minutes prior to game time, launch the app, you will see the screen shot below (click on the image to see a larger view).

World Cup 2014 Coach Trainer Tactical View ESPN

On the right side about a middle of the way down, you’ll see a Menu Link called “List View” (see Yellow Circle and Arrow above). Click once on that link to get the pop up menu (see image below).

World Cup 2014 Coach Trainer Live View ESPN Menu

Look closely on the pop up menu for an option called “Tactical Cam” — it’s easy to miss, so view the menu choices carefully. (See large yellow box above with Tactical Cam highlighted). Select that option. You’ll now launch the Tactical View of the game (see below). But you’re not done…

World Cup 2014 Tactical Cam Screenshot

WatchESPN’s footage is delayed from the broadcast you see on live TV. Therefore, you’ll now have to sync it, so you can enjoy both views. It sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy. Here’s how to do it…

How To Sync Tactical Cam With Live TV

As mentioned before, you’ll need to use a DVR with “time shift” possibilities (ability to pause, play, rewind, fast forward live TV). As the players take the field and get in their positions, grab your remote an put your finger on the pause button. You won’t be able to catch the first forward pass, so wait until the third pass usually a back pass to a central midfielder. The moment the ball reaches the third player’s feet hit pause. If it’s not perfect, don’t worry about it. Now watch the Tactical Cam view intently on your tablet. Since, it’s delayed you’re going to have to have a little patience, but things happen fast, which is why you use the third pass to sync, so don’t take your eyes off of your tablet’s screen. Put your finger on the Play button on your television’s remote. Once you see the kick off, wait until the ball reaches the third player’s feet (the back pass) and hit Play on your remote. About half the time, you’ll nail it on the first try. If not, don’t panic. In most cases, the TV will still be a little bit ahead of the tablet. Just hit Pause and Play quickly in succession, and that should do the trick. Remember, it doesn’t have to absolutely perfect, just close enough so that when you look from one device to the other, they look pretty much in sync.

We’ve found that watching the Cup using this methodology allows coaches to see the game in a whole new way, while still enjoying instant replays, the new goal-line technology and yes, that incessant blathering on…