Spotlight: Team Prime Time

Spotlight: Team Prime Time

Team Prime Time, a non-profit based out of Los Angeles and founded by Peter Straus, has partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School district to great a Varsity basketball league where it pairs special needs athletes with nondisabled peers. The unique proposition is that many of the typical kids paired with the special needs children come from low-income homes in depressed areas. The league, now in its second season, also includes schools from Venice and Fairfax.

“We’re taking two marginalized populations and making them part of the school fabric,” declared Peter Straus, founder of Team Prime Time.

The win-win proposition is supported by research on how these types of programs benefit both economically disadvantaged and special needs students. Schools are continually looking to integrate special needs kids into the mainstream classroom in order to improve learning, forge relationships and boost self-esteem. Typical kids, who are much more aware and accepting of peers with disabilities these days, also gain from the interaction by giving back to their community, developing lasting bonds, gaining confidence and self-worth, and learning acceptance. Research has also tracked the relationship between low-income children who participate in sports and other meaningful school-related activities are more likely to complete high-school and less likely to have behavioral issues.

Mr. Straus aims to replicate Team Prime Time’s model in other endeavors and is working with organizations, schools and lawmakers to spread the word…

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