Special Needs Soccer Curriculum – Practice Plan Three – Drills & Activities

—Create Name Tags For New Players, Check that each player has: Shin-guards, a ball and plenty of water.
—Early arrivals can take shots on a Pugg goal from a predetermined spot, one at a time, or dribble around the perimeter of field.
»Volunteers: One Goalie, One shot organizer.
—Start Session: Bring everyone together in a Large Circle
—Coach Introduction, Volunteer Introduction, Player Introduction
—Set up 6 to 8 tall cones with a flat cone “hat” (see diagram below) around the designated 30 x 25 yard “Golf Course” – far enough apart to eliminate too many Players in one area.
—Players team up with their Volunteer partner and try to hit the “Golf Holes” (cones) with their ball by passing. Each pass is a “stroke.” Players try to hit the cones with the least number of passes.
—Score is kept by topping a player’s personal best. Select a new Golf Hole after each successful strike. If a player knocks over the cone, have him/her reset it for the next player.
—Coaching Points: Work on proper technique in accordance with a player’s ability. Have Players look up at the target (cone) before each pass.
—Players and Volunteers team up with one ball. Players have the ball and follow their Volunteers around the field. The Volunteer zig-zags around the defined area making it challenging for the Player to follow based on ability.
—When the Coach yells “London Bridge!” – the Volunteer stops in their tracks and spreads their legs, creating a large opening. The Player then has to pass the ball between the Volunteer’s legs from behind. The Player/Partner then switch roles with the Volunteer following the Player around until the next “London Bridge!” is called. The Players/Volunteers continue to switch roles every time “London Bridge!” is called.
—Water Break
—Set up 8-10 sets of Gates around a defined area by placing two flat cones about 6 feet apart. Gates should be placed randomly, and not in a specified pattern.
—Players are teamed with another Player of like-ability or a Volunteer. Each team has to pass the ball between the gates on the field. Teams cannot go through the same gate consecutively. Teams count how many gates they can pass through during each 3 minute round. Teams try and best their previous best score.
—Coaching Points: Dribble to one side of the gate and the other player has to “move off the ball” into position at the other side of the gate. Players need to keep their head up when moving to the next closest gate.
—Water Break
—Match equally skilled players together and play 3v3 / 5v5 games with Pugg goals, no goalies.
—Small sides ensure plenty of touches
—Volunteers assist players in need

Download the complete Special Needs Soccer Practice Plan Two in the Adobe PDF format.