Special Needs Soccer Curriculum – Practice Plan One – Drills & Activities

—Create Name Tags For New Players, Check that each player has: Shin-guards, a ball and plenty of water.
—Early arrivals can take shots on a Pugg goal from a predetermined spot, one at a time, or dribble around the perimeter of field.
»Volunteers: One Goalie, One shot organizer.
—Start Session: Bring everyone together in a Large Circle
—Coach Introduction, Volunteer Introduction, Player Introduction
—Based on the number of players, create a compact playing area marked by tall cones on the corners and flat cones on sides.
—To begin, one Volunteer has a pinnie and tries to tag another player. If a player is tagged, then they are “IT” – they take the pinnie, perform five Jumping Jacks, and then try and tag another player.
—Water Break
—Same rules as above, but progress to every player having a ball, except the player who is “IT” – that player only has a pinnie.
—The player who is IT attempts to tag a player with the Pinnie, if they make a successful tag, then they give the tagged player the Pinnie and take their ball to dribble. The newly tagged player must do five Jumping Jacks before they can try and tag another player. There are no “tag-backs” – meaning you cannot tag the player who tagged you.
—Water Break
—Set up two large Pugg goals about 20-25 yards apart. Place several balls in front of one of the goals – have at least double the amount of balls per players. So if you have 10 children, use about 20+ balls.
—On the count of three, have the children dribble each one of the balls into the opposite goal and record the amount of time it takes to get all the balls into the goal.
—Go 3 to 5 rounds (based on fatigue level) with the objective being to beat the previous achieved time.
—Water Break
—Match equally skilled players together and play 3v3 / 5v5 games with Pugg goals, no goalies.
—Small sides ensure plenty of touches
—Volunteers assist players in need

Download the complete Special Needs Soccer Practice Plan One in the Adobe PDF format.