Special Needs Soccer Curriculum – Practice Plan Four – Drills & Activities

—Create Name Tags For New Players, Check that each player has: Shin-guards, a ball and plenty of water.
—Early arrivals can take shots on a Pugg goal from a predetermined spot, one at a time, or dribble around the perimeter of field.
» Volunteers: One Goalie, One shot organizer.
—Start Session: Bring everyone together in a Large Circle
—Coach Introduction, Volunteer Introduction, Player Introduction
—Group two Players of similar ability with a Volunteer to form a team of three.
—Players pass the ball to another player. As soon as they pass, they have to Move into a new position.
—Players receiving the pass have to Control the ball, then Look Up to identify the Player they are going to pass to, and then Pass the ball. As soon as they Pass they have to…Move to a new position. And so on.
—Coaching Points: Control, Look Up, Pass and Move! When moving into a new position, face your body towards the ball. Controlling the ball: make a quality “First Touch.”
»  Note: Soccer Terminology such as “First Touch” – “Control” – and so on…should be used when appropriate, based on the individual child’s capabilities
—Based on the number of players, create a compact playing area marked by cones.
—Every Player has a ball, except one Volunteer who has a pinnie and tries to tag the other players. If a player is tagged, then they are FROZEN. They then have to pick up their ball, hold it over their head and spread their legs wide.
—They can become UNFROZEN, if another Player can dribble up to them and pass the ball through the front or back of their legs. Once unfrozen, they can continue to dribble around the area avoiding the Volunteer with the pinnie. Players who dribble out of bounds are instantly frozen and have to return to the playing area with the ball over their head and their legs spread wide.
—Water Break
—Players are divided equally into two teams in an appropriately sized, yet compact, area designated by one color of flat and tall cones around the perimeter. Field of play is cut in half by different color set of flat cones. Volunteers space themselves equally around the perimeter of the field to send errant balls back into play.
—All available balls (minimum 12) are utilized and split equally between the two teams.
—The goal is to “Clean Out The Garage” by having each team try and kick the balls on their side of the field into the opponents half. At the end of each 3 minute round, the team with the least amount of balls in their area wins.
—Coaching Points: Encourage players to “Control” the ball with a quality “First Touch” before kicking it back into the other team’s half.
Volunteers can explain to more advanced players to kick the ball “Into Space” where their are no opponents to make it harder for the other team to kick the ball back.
—Water Break
—Match equally skilled players together and play 3v3 / 5v5 games with Pugg goals, no goalies.
—Small sides ensure plenty of touches
—Volunteers assist players in need

Download the complete Special Needs Soccer Practice Plan Four in the Adobe PDF format.