Special Needs Soccer Curriculum – Practice Plan Five – Drills & Activities

—Create Name Tags For New Players, Check that each player has: Shin-guards, a ball and plenty of water.
—Early arrivals can take shots on a Pugg goal from a predetermined spot, one at a time, or dribble around the perimeter of field.
» Volunteers: One Goalie, One shot organizer.
—Start Session: Bring everyone together in a Large Circle
—Coach Introduction, Volunteer Introduction, Player Introduction
—This is a great activity if your players stagger in at different intervals instead of arriving all together at the designated start time. Set up two opposing goals. Hang one color pinnie in the middle of one goal and another color pinnie in the other goal with Binder Clips. Set up two Tall Cones about 4 feet apart in the middle of the two goals, 10 yards offset, for the Starting Gate with a four Flat Cones as the On Ramp.
—Coach passes the ball into the middle of the field, and then calls out a color just as Player reaches the ball from the Starting Gate. Player determines which color goal to dribble in on and then takes a shot. Volunteer celebrates each effort, retrieves the ball from the goal & sends it back to the Coach. Player then goes back to startng gate for another round.
» Coaching Points: Dribble towards the correct goal, LOOK UP at the goal, shoot.
—Set up a 3 x 4 grid of flat cones with tennis balls on top, approximately 15 yards by 20 yards. —Every Player has a ball, and they try to dribble their ball over the cones to knock off the tennis balls.
—As the players are knocking off the tennis balls, one Coach/Volunteer goes around setting them back up on top of the cones. When the players knock off all the tennis balls, they win! Repeat for three rounds.
—Water Break
—Players are divided equally into two teams in an appropriately sized, yet compact, area designated by one color of flat cones around the perimeter. Field of play is cut in half by different color set of flat cones. Tall cones are equally divided between the two sides in random locations. Each Player has a ball.
—There should be a tall cone for each player per side; so if there are 5 players on a team, then 5 cones per side.
—The objective is to dribble to a cone in the other teams half, pick it up and drop it on your side of the field. At the end of each 3 minute round, the team with the most cones on their side of the field wins.
» Coaching Points: Encourage players to dribble in control” towards their target cone. Make sure players are “Keeping Their Heads Up!” so they don’t bump into other players and dribble towards their target. Volunteers ensure there are no collisions.
—Water Break
—Match equally skilled players together and play 3v3 / 5v5 games with Pugg goals, no goalies.
—Small sides ensure plenty of touches
—Volunteers assist players in need. Additional Volunteers position themselves around the field to send balls back into play or assist with throw-ins/kick-ins when the ball goes far out of bounds.
Make sure each Player has a chance to score. Try and get each Player to develop their own unique Goal Celebration Dance.

Download the complete Special Needs Soccer Practice Plan Five in the Adobe PDF format.