Soccer is arguably the simplest sport to play. But it’s also one of the most physically engaging of all sports with its constant action. For a Special Needs sports program, this is the perfect combination for individual and group success.

Special Needs Soccer has crafted a comprehensive Special Needs Soccer curriculum for soccer clubs, schools, religious organizations and communities to use as a blueprint in order to enhance or launch their own programs. The Special Needs Soccer curriculum has everything an organization requires, including practice plans meticulously designed by a team of physical therapists and certified soccer trainers. Best of all, its all free.

The Special Needs Soccer curriculum focuses on inclusion, fun and developing a love of the game. Although, there will be some competitive aspects, readying the participants for team competition will not be the emphasis. That said, the curriculum addresses the basic physical, mental, technical and tactics of the game and allows soccer organizations to enter special needs leagues, if there’s interest.

We have brought together a hand-picked group of special needs physical therapists whom have extensive experience in sport-specific activities and married them to best-in-class soccer trainers to develop the curriculum. The standardized curriculum is disseminated free of charge to any soccer club or organized entity so they can start their own world-class program or augment their already-established action plan. The idea is to give soccer organizations around the country a comprehensive strategy so that a Special Needs program and be easily accomplished.

Version 1.0 of the curriculum with the other components has been released to the public through the SpecialNeedsSoccer.com website. It is important to understand that the Special Needs Soccer curriculum will constantly evolve and expand as soccer organizations continue to provide feedback and submit ideas in order to make it better. New versions of the curriculum will continually be released free of charge. In addition, Special Needs Soccer would like to “crowd source” new facets of the curriculum to allow participation by anyone who is interested in contributing to this endeavor. So please feel free to contact us, if you like to get involved.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Special Needs Soccer. We welcome your support or your involvement, in order to provide a memorable and rewarding soccer experience to challenged children.