Special Needs Program Spotlight: E-Soccer

Special Needs Program Spotlight: E-Soccer

Founded by Russell Ewell in 2000, E-Soccer (Exceptional Children Soccer) is an all-volunteer program that teaches soccer to children aged 5 and up in an inclusive environment. They are dedicated to empowering both typical and special needs children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.

E-Soccer’s unique inclusion methodology promotes leadership, social, character, and athletic development for each child in an individualized manner. The San Francisco-based organization respects every child’s ability to be successful and included. Children are taught to learn from one another.

Each individual E-Soccer group consists of a head coach, assistant head coach, and a combination of personal or junior coaches as needed. Children are placed in an individual group according to age, ability, and individual goals in a way to provide optimal group learning and individual participation. It is encouraged that parents take time to get to know the head coach of your child’s group and communicate your child’s needs and goals.

Similar to our curriculum, E-Soccer maintains a very liberal view of competition. E-Soccer is offered free of charge for all families.