Football Standout Takes Special Needs Classmate To Prom

Football Standout Takes Special Needs Classmate To Prom

Cecil Bratton, a high school football standout, took Breyonna Nelson, a special needs classmate, to their Senior Prom. The pair was named Prom King and Queen by the student body. Bratton, known for his acts of kindness, took the pink-haired, 4-foot Breyonna Nelson to the pair’s senior prom at Central High after another special needs student rejected Nelson’s request to go to the dance. Rather than be daunted, Nelson walked right up to Bratton, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound football star who she had met as a junior, and asked him to the prom. He immediately accepted with a great big smile.

“I said I’d be honored. I said it right away,” Cecil told the local paper.

Bratton’s decision was a touching one that made sense for a number of reasons. Because the senior’s girlfriend is only a sophomore, she is not eligible to attend his prom, leaving him open to another date. And while Bratton could have taken someone else, he said that if he hadn’t agreed to escort Nelson, he almost certainly would have spent the entire dance just hanging out with his friends.

As for matching up such an odd-couple, said that she felt the duo was a perfect pair.

“He sets such a good example, and I love Breyonna,” stated Dianne Slawson, the personal helper who looks after Nelson at Central High, “She’s got the guts of a bear.”