Beta Testing!

Special Needs Soccer, a national effort to develop a free soccer program for challenged children, is currently beta-testing their new curriculum in Port Washington, New York this fall before being released nationwide in January. The concept behind the effort is to develop a comprehensive Special Needs Soccer Program for communities across the United States to use as a blueprint in order to launch their own initiatives. The Special Needs Soccer Package will have everything a community organization would need to provide a complete program for the challenged youth of their locale.

The Special Needs Soccer curriculum was developed over the last year by Port Washington resident Dan Brotman with a select number of physical and occupational therapists, and certified soccer trainers. Special needs soccer organizers from all over the country also supplied their expertise in an outpouring of support after finding out about the endeavor from the Pepsi Refresh Project, the website and social media.

Special Needs Soccer’s pilot program was conducted over the Summer, where many of the drills and activities developed by the organizers were showcased. The program was very well received by the Port Washington community, and the program received a groundswell of support.

Although, there will be some competitive aspects, readying the participants for team competition will not be the emphasis, unlike other special needs soccer organizations. The curriculum will address the basic physical, mental, technical and tactics of the game while building a link between a community’s typical and special kids.

Port Washington’s program now has a dedicated website, and registration is open to all individuals who are interested in participating. Port Washington Soccer has a “rolling registration” policy, which means children between that ages of 5 and 13 can register anytime during the season and jump in.